5 Rare Facebook Marketing Secrets Your Competitors Aren't Using

Facebook Marketing can be the difference in your business achieving a new level of success. Boasting 2 billion active users, Facebook is a key marketing platform for any business to target their audience, grow a following and build awareness.

It’s also heavily competitive as marketers and small businesses fight to capture attention in newsfeeds. With constant algorithm changes and organic reach declining, your Facebook strategy must be effective at driving more eyeballs to your posts and, ultimately, your website.

There are tactics you can start leveraging today to give your brand the slight edge in Facebook marketing. The big benefit is many of your competitors are not maximizing Facebook to their full advantage. By incorporating the following strategies, you create winning opportunities to get in front of your customer, boost engagement, and increase traffic to your website.

#1 Engage before You Post

Facebook is social media, meaning, it’s important to be active and engaging with your followers. Not only does this prove well with Facebook, but it also brings authenticity to your content. People will know there’s a real human behind your brand name, making you highly relatable and trustworthy.

Also, Facebook marketing rewards those who are active with better organic reach.

So spend 10-15 minutes engaging before you post to your Business Page. Interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on your follower’s content to hone relationships while increasing visibility. You’ll find this simple act will bring more followers to your page, build loyalty, and attract likely customers to your business.

#2 Post No More than Twice Daily

Quality tops quantity on social media. Gone are the days where you would achieve significant reach by constantly posting on your pages.

With today’s audience and algorithms, sharing high-quality content that resonates with followers offers value and fosters engagement win on social media.

Therefore, focus on value-rich content that specifically appeals to your audience opposed to posting several times a day. In fact, a study by CoSchedule reveals posting once per day is recommended, although other studies show two at a maximum. Test your efforts to discover which schedule works better for your audience.

It’s also important to note that Facebook will give your next post greater reach when your current one is producing engagement. So each post must be intentional at speaking to your audience and encouraging interaction to continue increasing your visibility on Facebook.

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#3 Build Curiosity around Link Posts

One major goal of social media marketing includes driving traffic to your website content; whether landing page, blog post or an event link.

Yet, Washington Post interesting reveals that 70% of Facebook users share links without clicking on them. The headline is so intriguing that conversation is created around the title versus the content itself.

This is great for building brand awareness, however, not so for your traffic and lead generation. You want people clicking on your content to advance your social media objectives.

Along with a compelling headline, give people a reason to click on your link posts. Let your followers know what’s in it for them by sharing a benefit or two readers will glean from your article. Tell the incentive or content offer people receive when opting into your list and how it will help solve their problems. Or build curiosity by asking an open-ended question that encourages followers to click and comment.

#4 Respond to Comments

Another way to be social on Facebook is by responding to comments as they’re shared. Being interactive with your followers is an authentic way to humanize your brand while staying connected to your audience. It shows that you genuinely care about their opinions and, in return, keeps them coming back to you for more.

Additionally, the more opportunities you create that fosters engagement, the better responses you’ll continue to receive from followers on your Facebook Page. This is particularly important for any future product launches, exclusive sales promotions, or other campaigns. People are likely to engage because it’s what they’re used to doing on your page.

Being actively involved with your followers builds a loyal community around your brand, a winning asset for your Facebook marketing.

#5 Provide Insights into Quote and Text Images

Inspiring quotes and text images are popular on social media, especially on Facebook. Not only do these visuals empower and move users to positive action, but it also highlights your core values. You provide more reasons for people to connect and relate to your company. It’s an excellent way to boost engagement.

Yet, many marketers are leveraging quotes in their strategy.

Facebook marketing is more effective when you make yours stand out by adding your own insights. What makes the quote so special? How does it pertain to your brand’s vision? How has it inspired you and your team to get up and go each morning? Adding this slight yet profound twist to your Facebook posts will separate you from the masses of quotes shared daily.


Using these Facebook marketing tips will expand your reach, influence, and success while outperforming your competitors. Commit to adding them in your strategy to give your marketing that slight edge.

As a result, you’ll find more followers interacting and engaging with your content due to better organic reach.

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