Use Images to Boost Your Twitter Marketing pt 1

Use Images to Boost Your Twitter Marketing pt1

Building your business presence on Twitter is always an interesting tight-rope walk hanging out with your audience and actually gathering leads for your business. In order to mesh well with the environment and the people, it’s important to stay casual and genuine in your interactions. Add value to discussions, provide interesting content to engage the audience with, and always remember to respond to messages sent both directly and indirectly. While some are harshly criticized for coming in ‘too corporate’ with nothing but soulless promotional content, many companies do just fine with a healthy mix of promotional and personal tweets by carefully creating a pleasant mix of audience interaction, offers the audience loves, and interesting company updates.

The key to making your Twitter community happy is a subtle understanding of what your audience enjoys. But it also never hurts to have an image. Twitter is made up of hundreds of thousands of little boxes with a few short words in each and the true masters have figured out how to pack a lot of punch into 280 characters. While the word limit just went up significantly, the policies are still the same, the more unique and impactful your tweets are, the more positive attention they’ll get. And there’s nothing the Twitter community loves more than an image.

Twitter Marketing with pictures equals content that followers love.

Twitter is an incredibly responsive platform made to allow people to share short thoughts at any time and respond instantly to something you see and like. One thing that has proven out time and time again with Twitter users is how much they love an engaging picture, which can be ‘read’ and shared even more quickly than 140 characters. Whether it’s a beautiful photo of a vacation vista, a hilarious quick-sketch of a popular cartoon, or just a kitty playing with a mini-drone, a tweet with an image is likely to receive 18% more clicks than non-image tweets but the stats only get better from there. With those 18% more clicks, image tweets get nearly 90% more favorites and an astounding 150% more retweets than non-image tweets as people love to share a picture they’ve enjoyed.

There’s no denying that including pictures in your tweets is a powerful tool. Some companies use an app called IFTT (If This, Then That) to automatically tweet your Instagram pictures but with the rampant popularity of Image tweets, consider including an image in at least half of your tweets to boost engagement and share-ability.

Use Images to Boost Your Twitter Marketing

Starting a Conversation

One of the most powerful ways to use an image is to start a conversation either with your own hashtag or branching off of an existing one. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in Twitter, a picture can generate a thousand words at 240 characters at a time (since the recent update). While a simple funny or cute picture usually won’t do the trick, if you can find or create a truly engaging image that connects to a current hot issue or can create a hot discussion simply by its content, you have just become the center of a large amount of Twitter activity which is great for both your company and the livelihood of your social media community.

Conversation starters might be pictures of current events, natural disasters, people doing something interesting, or even just a very well shot image of your own products if there’s a conversation to be had about them. Try to find pictures ‘packed with content’, that convey a great deal of meaning without an explanation, then invite your audience to come join you in a discussion. Pair the picture with a question people can answer to encourage the first few responses before the community starts sharing their thoughts and opinions freely.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s no wonder why Twitter loves images. There is way more efficient than a well-shot image to convey complex concepts with no words at all. Of course, this is only the first half of our tips on how to use images effectively in your Twitter marketing campaigns. Join us next time for the second half of this two-part article where we’ll talk about getting people curious, conversing in pictures, making things beautiful and increasing the desire to click.

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