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Why Are Backlinks Important?

Why Are Backlinks Important

Your company and your company website are important.  However, how can you get your website seen?  Backlinks have been the backbone of most website rankings. When working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks is a word you may frequent your reports.  Companies can have thousands of backlinks.  However, what are they?  What purpose do…

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10 Starter Tasks to Optimize Your Website

10 simple ways to optimize your website

New websites and even veteran websites often miss these easy optimization tasks.  At Solutionarian Marketing, we believe in training our clients to be self-sufficient when it comes to website design and digital marketing.  We decided to talk to our team and gather the 10 top easiest tasks to optimize your website.  These tasks can help…

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10 Ways to Refresh Your Website Design for 2019

10 ways to refresh your website for 2019

Nearly all successful businesses in the Bay Area has a website.  However, as time passes by, your company has changed.  Whether if your team has grown or your service area has grown, you have a lot to be proud of.  Your website should reflect your success.  Company websites are the first thing that a potential…

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Our Family Giving Tree Thank You Message

Family Giving Tree Tribute Message

The Family Giving Tree organization has been around since 1990.  With a belief and mission in mind to ensure that all children in the Bay Area should have a Happy Holiday, The Family Giving Tree has helped thousands of children every year.  Solutionarian Marketing has partnered with Family Giving Tree and encouraged family members, office…

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How to Create an Email Campaign That Converts

Email Campaign

An email campaign with no plan can just be thrown in the Trash or Spam folder now.  Email campaigns can be very beneficial to a company’s success.  Today, we will go over how you can make an email campaign that can convert your targeted audience into clients and help them through the buyer’s journey.  How…

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4 Steps to Create Your Ideal Buyer Persona

How to Create Your Buyer Persona

The start to any marketing plan should start with a simple question, Who.  Who are you trying to talk to?  Who do you want to read or see your content?  Could your product or service best benefit young adults or retirees?  This is called building a buyer persona.  When you create your company’s buyer persona,…

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4 Challenges Marketers Face in 2017

As we are in the halfway point of 2017, there are a few challenges that we see many businesses struggle with in 2017. We wanted to take some time to address some of these issues and provide our insight. As a business owner, you know that being able to market your business is important. Marketing…

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11 Marketing Experts Give Their Best Advice for 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Recently Hubspot has published an article in which they spoke to 11 marketing experts ranging from CEOs of successful businesses to experienced tech marketers. Each marketing expert was asked two questions in which they give their most honest answers. Every year, every month and at times every day, marketing is changing. Researching what successful business…

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What are Retargeting Campaigns?

Several times you may feel like you aren’t getting the results you should have. If you have Google Analytics, you know how many people are on your website and the highest traffic times. You can also see how many clicks you received or how many sales you made. Often, the number of visitors that you…

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