Search Engine Optimization

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Why Are Backlinks Important

Your company and your company website are important.  However, how can you get your website seen?  Backlinks have been the backbone of most website rankings. When working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks is a word you may frequent your reports.  Companies can have thousands of backlinks.  However, what are they?  What purpose do…

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10 Starter Tasks to Optimize Your Website

10 simple ways to optimize your website

New websites and even veteran websites often miss these easy optimization tasks.  At Solutionarian Marketing, we believe in training our clients to be self-sufficient when it comes to website design and digital marketing.  We decided to talk to our team and gather the 10 top easiest tasks to optimize your website.  These tasks can help…

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Digital Marketing: Paying for Position in 2019

Solutionarian Marketing & Web Design is a leading service provider for digital marketing services. We provide inbound marketing for small to medium size businesses in or near San Jose CA. We can help you get the best results from your digital marketing investment.

Digital Marketing Ads: Paying for Position in 2019 For the past few years, there has been a lot written and said about digital marketing.  Every expert has their own secret sauce in getting you new business.  Each one has their own methods and software preferences in developing reoccurring results.  One thing remains consistent in digital…

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7 Great Social Media Marketing Tips You Should Be Using Now

Social media has become a strong tool for marketers. We see the power of social media everyday with videos and pictures constantly going viral. For marketers we are able to use this unique tool to increase web traffic to our company websites. With more clients involved with your company you will see an increase your…

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Optimizing Your Local SEO in 2016

SEO Tips 2016

Raise your hand if you want to be number two… No one? As business owners we want to be the best, we provide excellent service and have worked hard to get to where we are, and still when we are searched on Google or Bing we are nowhere to be seen and we wonder why.…

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Building Your Business With Social Media Marketing

For businesses to get on the right social media can be a pretty heavy tasks for both large businesses and for startup businesses. Though it is very important for businesses to know what social media they should be investing their time in. Spending time on social media that isn’t effective is a waste of your…

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7 Things Clients Hate About Website Design


As your business grows, the main way to get your company out there is creating a website. Creating a website can be easy to some, but creating an effective website isn’t always as easy.  You need to develop a good website design that has intuitive webpages and created with your visitors in mind. Your client…

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Strengthening Your Business Blog

Optimizing Your Local SEO

Did you know one of the most under used tools in generating highly qualified leads is already in your grasp? Powerful Strategies for Strengthening Your Business Blog, written by Andy Beohar, takes to step by step to making the best blog possible for your business. It is perfect for any business trying to generate more…

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Paying for SEO Services in San Jose, CA

Paying for SEO Services does not have to be a guessing game, but understanding where you should improve your searchability can without the right partner.  It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t do anything to build up its profile and make it popular, you will never be able to…

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