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5 Mistakes Brands Make with Social Media Marketing

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August 1, 2021

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5 Mistakes Brands Make with Social Media Marketing

5 Mistakes Brands Make with Social Media Marketing

Various social media websites and applications have emerged in today\’s generation, allowing companies to create and exchange user-generated content for a vast audience. Digital marketing through social media has also skyrocketed, where industries have been successfully promoting their products and services on many different platforms.

Although businesses have been developing social media marketing plans for years, they are not exempt from committing mistakes. Many brands still don\’t know how to use social media, and their owners become frustrated when they don’t get the results they want.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you don\’t want to commit these common mistakes, read on. This post highlights the top five social media marketing mistakes that brands make, which you must stay away from to achieve your business goals and objectives.

1. Relying Too Much on Automation

It might be tiring for you to attend to the queries of your customers and clients, so you may resort to using bots and other automated software. Although doing so helps you feel at ease, it will potentially cause severe damage to your brand.

Automated responses lack a personal connection between your brand and the clients, so you should avoid them, especially in public. Instead, implement robust chat support with real customer service professionals to address customer concerns and inquiries. Don’t underestimate an average consumer’s preference for speaking with a person instead of a bot!

2. Disregarding Originality

Businesses must create unique designs for the customers to recognize their brand. When marketing your brand on social media, having an initial plan with well-defined goals will aid your business in capturing the attention of your target market. A robust and original strategy will go a long way in ensuring future success.

Now, if you do not have a social media strategy, you will end up either losing your customers or having no clients at all. If you don\’t know how to strategize, you may consider seeking help from a digital marketing service in California.

3. Constantly Selling Your Products and Services

Other companies always think highly of themselves that they become too narcissistic of their brand on social media. When you only focus on yourself on your social media, your followers will get tired of you, and you will not maintain their interest.

Although it is essential to make your brand known to your audience, you must still keep your feet on the ground. Be subtle in advertising, and be creative in promoting your business. Straight-up sales talk no longer sells in 2021!

4. Neglecting the Variety of Your Target Audience

Another mistake that most brands make when marketing on social media is not segregating the target audience. Market research and segregation are crucial so you can create content that will speak directly to potential customers.

If you look at it, every social media platform caters to a specific target audience. Each platform also uses content differently. For instance, Facebook thrives on interaction, Twitter thrives on expression, and Instagram thrives on artistry. So, your company must think about the top content strategy for the best rewards.

5. Copying Posts Across Social Media Profiles

You must know what each of your social media profiles caters to before posting any content. If you just post the same thing on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, your post will just end up getting ignored. To increase your brand exposure, make sure to align your social media marketing content with the vision and goals of the platform you\’re using.


Content development is crucial when you want to spread your reach through social media marketing. So, it\’s essential to avoid making these common mistakes. Now that you know these five blunders, it’s time to start making better decisions for your brand!

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